My Favorite TED Talk, Book and Video.

In this post I will like to talk my favorite TED Talk, book and video. I’ll start out with my favorite TED Talk. My favorite TED Talk is “The Walkable City” by Jeff Speck. In this TED Talk Jeff Speck talks about how we can make cities where people can walk more easily from place to place rather than take cars and how that would help the environment. Here’s a link to see this TED Talk:

Now I will talk about my favorite book. My favorite book is “The Shack” by William Paul Young. The book is about a man who receives a note that is apparently from God asking him to go the shack where his daughter was murdered. Here’s a link that leads you to the book website:

And last but not least, my favorite video has to be “How to be a gangster” by Nigahiga. It may sound weird that this is my favorite video but I’ll tell you why it’s my favorite video. It’s my favorite video because this was one of the first videos I saw on Youtube. Back in the day when Youtube was starting I watched this video and I every time I watched I’d laugh a lot. Basically this video introduced me to Youtube. This video is about how you can be a gangster. Here’s the link to the video:


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