TEDxUSagradoCorazón – The Domain of One’s Own by Jim Groom

Jim Groom is the director of teaching director of teaching and learning technologies at the University of Mary Washington. Jim came to Puerto Rico to give a talk at an event called TEDxUSagradoCorazón. In this event he a talked about the concept of the domain of one’s own. He told that the concept is an oblique reference to or illusion to Virginia Wolf’s “A Room of One’s Own”. He goes on to say that the book argues about that women, like men, need both a literal and figural space within the canon of literature but to do that they need both money and a room of one’s own for them to exercise. What Jim Groom did was that he modified that argument and in the University of Mary Washington he gave students, faculty members and staff members their own domain. Why? Because by building a domain you’re propagating knowledge. It’s so you can create an experience that defines who you are by obtaining and taking care of your digital identity and space. It’s more a process of getting to know yourself better.

Here’s a link where you can listen to a podcast where Jim Groom talks about Domain of One’s Own:



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