Google’s Dominance

 Some rights reserved by medithIT

Some rights reserved by medithIT

I recently read an article that talked about which website ruled the world, Facebook or Google. In the article there is a map that visualizes each country’s most popular website using a design from the Age of Empires video game series. The map uses freely available data retrieved from a company who has provided website analytics since 1996 called “Alexa”; there’s more information about Alexa in the article. According to the map Google and Facebook rule most of the world except Asia. In the article it says: “The countries where Google is dominant contain half of the internet’s whole population, with over one billion users.” So basically Google dominates over Facebook. Facebook dominates in the Middle East, North Africa and most Spanish-speaking countries in South America but that still isn’t enough to be at Google. Google is the most visited website in the majority of European, North American and Oceanian countries. By the analysis done in this article it’s clear that Google rules the world in terms of the internet. Google is not only dominating on the internet but also it’s dominating the smartphone world too. Here’s a portion of what the article reads: “According to a new study from comScore on smartphone subscriber market share in August, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) beat out Samsung (SSNLF.PK) to be the biggest smartphone maker in the U.S., with its devices being used by 40.7 percent of the 145 million Americans that own the devices. But according to the study, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is reigning victorious in the smartphone sphere without having to make a single device.” The article also reads: “Google’s Android operating system was the top operating system in the U.S. with a 51.6 percent market share. Apple’s iOS came in second, at 40.7.” Truly Google is dominating the world. Google is inventing things that no one has ever seen; take for example google glass. The people behind google are truly innovators. I believe that Google right now and in the future is a force to be reckoned with.

Here are the links for the articles:


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