Jobs Review

 Some rights reserved by MarkGregory007

Some rights reserved by MarkGregory007

Now we get to see in the big screen how it all started. This year we get to see on the big screen how Steve Jobs changed the world and created one of the most popular and successful companies to date. Today I will be talking about “Jobs”. The film starts from when Steve Jobs dropped out of college and leads up to the debut of the iPod. Ashton Kutcher portrays Steve Jobs in this film. The film gives Steve Jobs a personality that demonstrates his vision and goals and that he was a very dedicated man but it also makes Jobs look like an asshole; sorry for the foul language but there’s no other way to describe it more perfectly. I have to say, Ashton Kutcher didn’t impress me with his performance. In my opinion, Kutcher’s performance as Steve Jobs was good but not great. Josh Gad portrays Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer. Wozniak wasn’t given an intriguing personality in the film. For me he was basically just there because he co-created Apple. When I was watching this film I couldn’t help but to compare it with “The Social Network”, which was about how Facebook was created. In my opinion, I think “The Social Network” was a far better film than “Jobs”. In “Jobs” there were times that I got bored and just wanted to leave the theatre. I liked “The Social Network more because it was far better edited film and had more conflict and drama in it. I’m not saying “Jobs” doesn’t have drama but I expected more of this film. “Jobs” is good film but not a great film. I was a little disappointed with the movie. I would rather watch a two-hour documentary of the real Steve Jobs. But still it’s a good movie and I think anyone should go and rent it on Redbox or just watch online.

Although that the movie “Jobs” wasn’t great, the man who the movie is about definitely was. Steve Jobs changed the way we looked at computers forever. He revolutionized a whole generation. I mean Steve Jobs was a visionary; he was a dreamer. When everybody else said that it was impossible he did it anyways; he did the impossible. Thanks to him we now live in this technology era were everyone has a personal computer of some sort. He transformed the way we used technology. Most people in the past didn’t know how to operate a computer but thanks to him everybody now owns a computer and knows how to use it. Steve Jobs simplified the computer for us. He even revolutionized the whole music industry with the creation of iTunes. I can say Steve Jobs was a dreamer that made his dreams come true.  For me particularly I’ve always had an interest at the aspect at how he strategically made computers part of our everyday lives and part of our lifestyle. That for me is just mindboggling. I recently saw a video about the history of computing and it mentioned that Steve Jobs created this computer company called “NeXT”. That interested me right there so I started searching for more information about “NEXT” and I discovered that Steve Jobs founded it in 1985 when he was forced out of Apple Computers. Jobs wanted “NeXT” to be aimed for higher-educational purposes. Something very interesting that I found was that the Tim Berners-Lee created first web-server ever on the original NeXT Computer. Here’s a link so you can check out a documentary on “NeXT”:–IFYoZsdY

In conclusion, Steve Jobs was a man who changed the world. He will always be remembered not for what he did but for what he believed in. And what he believed in is the reality right now. Thank you Steve Jobs.


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