Monsters University Review

MONSTERS UNIVERSITYAfter it’s success with Brave, Pixar Animation Studios takes on a world filled with colourful and interesting monsters, Monsters University. This film is the prequel to the beloved film Monsters Inc. The film is about how two monsters enter university and put their differences aside and work together to accomplish their dreams of becoming the best scarers of all time. Mike Wazowski  and James P. Sullivan, also known as Sulley, are the main characters in the film. The original cast who voiced them came back for this film. The talented Billy Crystal does the voice for Mike Wazowski and Golden Globe winner John Goodman did the voice for James P. Sullivan. In my opinion, they did a superb job at voicing these characters.

This film is filled with fun and entertaining characters that will make you laugh out loud. As a viewer I’m surprised at how spot on the comedy is in this movie. While watching the movie in the theatre I remember thinking man, how did they do that? Clearly Pixar Animation Studios has improved over the last few years to get that comedic timing right and believe me this film hit’s the comedic timing amazingly well.

Also the animation in the movie is stupendous. You can see the level of detail Pixar Animation Studios has in their films in every frame. In the film you can see the graceful movement of Sulley’s fur and be amazed by the work done by Pixar at getting the movement of the fur just right. Pixar is known for putting references from other films they’d made into every new film they make, they call them easter eggs. While watching the film be sure to have a watchful eye so you can see the easter eggs. In my opinion the easter eggs makes the film a lot more interesting to watch because you’re always on the look out for the easter eggs.

In the film Mike Wazoski is portrayed as being a really focused and determined student while Sulley is more of a slacker and doesn’t really put that much effort on his studies. While I watched the film I remember thinking of a few people that I have met that a are like those two characters and immediately I connected with the characters. I am amazed by the level of character development in this film and when I say character development I don’t mean the physical structure or form of the character but the emotions and feeling the character has. Just by the sheer fact that the audience can connect with the character is inspiring for me. I’m intrigued at how can the audience can have compassion for a character that isn’t really alive. This is a thing that inspires me a lot about this film, the fact that the people behind this film can bring a character to life and so that everybody can connect with it is awe-inspiring.

In conclusion, what do I think about the film? I think is a brilliantly made film and that everyone should go see it. Be prepared to laugh and be touched by the characters. You’ll have a great time watching the film, I guarantee it.


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